Welcome to The Small Box ; Captured

I am searching for a new blog platform and found Weebly.I find it very interactive and easy to use.Maybe I could use this blog as my platform to display my fave pictures; with the Pages related.This is not my first blog,by the way.I have my blogspot and tumblr with the same name, anfaalridhuan.[the platform].com.

As for the first picture ; That is me,and my boyfriend.I love him till death.Love you,Irfan. :)

Updated! My Birthday and Boyfie Pages! 9/9/09

Just added one new page which is 'My Birthday!' and updated new photos into my Boyfie page. :) 


Updated! Bagan Seafood! 30/07/2009

Hello all! I just updated my Pixies ; Bagan Seafood Page. :) Hope you'll enjoy watching at those pictures!